Bakken Oil Field Infrastructure Exposed

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Published: April 05, 2015

Since the beginning of the Shale oil discovery in North Dakota, then till this day of April 1, 2016 this information that I’m about to hand you has probably never been exposed to the world in the form of black and white text for a public examination.


Let I introduce my self, my name is: Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr!

I’ve been driving for a living for the last 21 years as of the publication of this information.

Started out in 1994 driving a Taxi in the valley of Las Vegas, Nevada for six years then I increased my driving skills to a professional Class A driver of various tractor and trailer methods and applications beginning in the year 2000 encompassing the whole United States of America.

Starting as of December 1, 2014 up till this day of April 1, 2015, I’ve been hauling water around with a 18 wheel tanker tractor trailer and sometimes a 20 wheel vehicle in the icy dangerous off roads of the North Dakota Bakken oil fields.

This place is so dangerous to a off road oil field water truck driver that dangerous should be added to my last name after experiencing a four month winter season in this hidden place in the very north of the United States.

H2 gas is so prevalent in this area that the company I work for assigns us truck drivers gas detectors to wear on the collar of our shirt and oxygen tanks that are similar to a scuba divers set up…

 I talked to a company Bakken safety officer of the company I voluntarily stopped working for, he claims evidence is now proving salt water truck drivers are now getting cancer from opening the lids of the salt water tanks in the Bakken to check the water level inside the storage tank, the gas from this water has recently proven to cause cancer.

Not only that!

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But an ex-crude oil driver I used to work with at Nuverra has informed me he transported two of his ex co-workers to the hospital who are also crude oil truck drivers who actually did get cancer hauling crude oil.

In addition to being an oil field truck driver you have to navigate the slippery dirt hilly roads carved out by a construction grader to simply get to the remote locations of these oil rigs for water maintenance and assorted water applications required to “Frac” a drill site for sideways drilling which is horizontal and vertical combined, but additionally you would constantly have to deal with the oil culture set up here in the Bakken.

Every rig in the Bakken has a company man…

This company man sits at his throne in his little metal palace and calls the shots. Every one is required to watch out for the company man and you’re required to simply be an ass kisser for this guy.

One day a company man was sent a “pic” ( In the company I worked for, a pic is someone who is initialized some authority and reports to the company man to get the paper work for the truck drivers signed, other companies name a pic a different name).

Any way this company man rejected the pic that was sent to his rig, our dispatcher asked why? The company man responded with: the fact that he was Black! Our dispatcher replied with that answer is not a good reason and that he was not going to tolerate that type behavior….

Well to my personal investigation on this subject I realized all of our pics in our district are white except the one black pic that is now restrained to work the night shift on some remote oil field in Montana the next state over the last time I saw him.

I started to get the whole big picture slowly but surely as the evidence started to pile in my lap.  The pics that are allowed to assist the company man in his private office are all Hill Billy white people who have Garth Brooks tattooed somewhere on their body or else are just the type of people who listen to only USA country music…

In other words you have to be that kind of person to simply be in the presence of this company man. Now the company “Whiting” in the Bakken oil field is where I’m seeing this happen along with the majority of the industry and the developing town culture of Watford City, North Dakota as of April 2015!

Just the company name Whiting is a good description of what’s going on here.

As the snow whites the North Dakota soil in this region of the United States, the company Whiting is doing just that…


The old saying: “ If your not white, your not right” these are words that renascence in my mind since my early teenage sailor days in the United States Coast Guard. I’m not a newbie when it comes to discrimination!

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Let me explain the method and application to this Bakken discrimination oil discovery:

These company men of the rig own this town and they all consider themselves Kings of their little multi million dollar oil rig, so once these pics get the royal wand over their heads as they kneel on the ground to this guy with granted authority to slander, harass and cause distress to any truck driver who is not a white Hill Billy.

My memory recalls when these pics harassed and slandered a white guy from Europe so badly that this driver resorted to drinking beer before, during and after work because of the stress dumped on him by these Hill Billy country pic’s, he simply sounded like a white Mexican trying to speak English, needless to say this driver was swiftly fired.  So what’s going on here is: not only are these trained harassers targeting Blacks and Mexicans, but also people who sound Mexican in their speech but are just as white as themselves.

I’ve personally been on the company man’s target list because I’m from Mexican decent, one pic claimed my taillight was hanging out when I backed up close to a tank with the pic guiding me in which is his job, this pic claimed he put the tail light back in for me before I walked towards the rear of the truck…

I knew this was a lie, because I just pre-checked the truck and so did the guys who steamed cleaned it only thirty minutes prior to this pic lying about my taillight. I latter noticed the tail light he was referring to, had a screw on each side of the rubber that was holding it into place which made it impossible to hang out the back like this pic described; in one of my previous trucking jobs, I used to haul new factory Bobtail tractor’s coast to coast to the dealers locations and I used to take the those exact same tail lights out two to three times per week to hook up my car to a tow dolly which makes me a taillight authority, so I definitely spotted a instant lie and complete harassment towards my profession and livelihood at that moment coming from this pic.

My point is the pic was deliberately lying and trying to make me look incompetent in a great effort to find a reason to kick me off of the property under the orders of the company man who simply does not want black or Mexicans on his property.

When any of these pic’s violently verbally chew my ass as if I was some sort of wild animal from the jungle who just swung in off a vine, they always refer to the company man in their immediate choice of words to justify why I’m getting my ass chewed with such hostility!

This particular pic say’s… What if the company man would have seen that tail light hanging or “what if the company man was to see you”!

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My immediate conclusion is, yes!

What if the company man saw a Mexican looking guy like me on his oil rig NOT getting my ass chewed for some untrue ridiculous reason? That would make the pic look like he is not doing his job correctly!

This pic must be getting paid under the table from the company man and have a secret lifestyle attached to the company man.

These pics are trained to yell at minority truck drivers as if they were an animal on the property and the white drivers get treated as if they are gold right in front of the minority drivers simply to vindicate that this is the correct way to treat a minority. At first I thought this is just the pic deciding to be racist. But once I got the inside information about the company man rejecting the black person to be in an authoritative position, I got the whole picture real fast.

As I see it through my eyes; the company I work for is providing the truck drivers and the trucking equipment as well as following the federal guidelines to the book when it comes to minority hiring. It’s the culture of the Bakken oil industry that have these white company men become Kings on their individual small oil rig kingdom, who are actually providing the discrimination infrastructure.

The oil rig company man gets a hold of a pic while he is signing the day’s accumulated batch of truck drivers paper work in his office then he stamps the paper work with the official stamp to process the payroll, then the pic is probably tainted with some sort of bribe or else brainwashed to think like this oil rig king.

It’s also quite clear and very transparent to notice these pic’s have been doing this a great deal of time, targeting a Mexican or Black truck driver seems to be very natural to them.

At the time of this publication I have forwarded a internal company incident report with a company required GPS tracking history to the EEOC at: to let them complete their investigation, since I really do not entirely trust the EEOC to tell you the worlds population of over 100 countries translated in all languages the true story of the American Bakken Oil Field Infrastructure, every one gets this information on the same day as to make sure the story is told truthfully from the beginning of the American federal investigation on discrimination in the North Dakota Bakken Oil Field…

The company incident report I turned in to is not attached to this web site page but simply more evidence of what is happening in the Bakken Oil Field.

I have received this type of extreme transparent obvious discrimination from three different pic’s  on three different occasions located at different oil rig locations within the last four months since I’ve worked in the Bakken Oil Field.

At this time I’m fed up with this ongoing extreme racist situation and that’s why I’m as of today currently exposing the Bakken Oil Field's evil practices to the world on a public internet portal to the masses of the world on a planet us humans call earth.

Since this report, I have resigned from transporting water in the Bakken and moved on to a more stable and healthier trucking environment other than the North Dakota Bakken Oil Field. Truthfully the Bakken Oil Field is simply too ridiculous from A to Z for me to tolerate any longer.

There you have it!

You have now digested the whole true story.

For more stories like this one visit Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr’s archive at: or else

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